By adulthood, you’ve spent years learning about yourself and the world you live in. But how often do you compartmentalize these insights into one area of your life? You can create a more original, impactful, colorful life—both professionally and personally—when you are able to integrate:

    • Integrate your professional and personal identities so they can work together in balance.
    • Integrate your unique leadership strengths with 360° feedback and new insights about yourself to help you get promoted for being your most effective self.
    • Integrate your choices and actions today with your life purpose and values so that you can see the path to realizing your goals.

    What in your life do you need to integrate? Only you can answer this question. As your coach, I’m here to guide you through the process.

  • The challenges today's leaders and their subordinates face are not, for the most part, a problem of will. The problem is the inability to close the gap between what we genuinely, even passionately, want and what we are actually able to do.

    Kegan and LAHEY


    Coaching is especially valuable when:

    • You want to develop a personalized, authentic leadership style.
    • You want to identify your strengths—as well as your potential derailers—so that you can continue to advance as a leader.
    • You want to pursue a better work/life integration without sacrificing the career you’ve worked so hard to build.
    • You’ve spent years working toward a degree or position, but now you wonder if this path was the right one for you.
    • A shift in your personal life pushes you to reevaluate your priorities.
    • You're leaving a job, either by your own decision or someone else's, and you want to make sure your next move is the right one.
  • Corporate Coaching

    My Process

    I've coached leaders of all levels (Manager to CEO) from diverse industries, including consumer packaged goods, entertainment, tech, healthcare, real estate, management consulting, marketing services, higher education, wine & spirits, and more.


    I believe in the importance of clients choosing their coach. I welcome the opportunity for an introductory conversation with HR professionals and leaders. This enables them to assess the fit of working together, as a strong working alliance is key to driving effective change. In addition, I partner with my clients in receiving input from key stakeholders on coaching goals, a development plan and progress.


    When useful, I incorporate assessments to build the client’s awareness of their reputation, strengths, potential derailers and values. These can provide insights to drive coaching goals on their own, or complement feedback from a 360° review and/or stakeholder interviews. Depending on the client’s preference, I can perform the interviews and provide the client with a summary of key themes. I’ve also witnessed the power of supporting the client as they lead the conversations.


    • My Focus

      I help clients become more effective leaders by building on their natural strengths. While each engagement is tailored to the individual, one or more of these three themes comes forward in much of my work:

      • Differentiate the attitudes and behaviors that got you to where you are today from what’s required to get you where you want to go. This involves letting go and developing new skills. It’s particularly valuable for newly promoted leaders, or leaders who want to prepare for the next move.
      • Build communication skills, especially in giving/receiving feedback and navigating high stakes conversations. 
      • Break through competing beliefs that prevent you from following through on changes you genuinely want for yourself.


      • Transformation VALUES

        My values on driving professional and personal growth are informed by my own experience and more than two decades of supporting clients, colleagues and direct reports with their own development.

        1. Effectiveness is not innate; you can learn it.
        2. Feedback is a muscle that gets stronger and more comfortable the more you use it.
        3. Building on strengths adds new rungs to your ladder; recognizing weaknesses keeps you from falling off the lower rungs in the climb. 
        4. Achieving meaningful change requires looking at your whole self.
        5. You deliver better results when you integrate rather than compartmentalize your personal and professional identities.
        6. There’s a difference between being good at your work and being energized by it.
        7. Sharing your goals with others reveals opportunities and support from unexpected places.
        8. You are too young to give up on your lifetime goals and too old to put them off for the future.
        9. Your ability to make your mark on the world is determined by your mindset, not your age. 
      • Sustained success comes only when you take what's unique about you and figure out how to make it useful.



        Executive coaching doesn’t have to happen in person. We can connect through a mix of face-to-face meetings, video conferences, audio calls, email or even texting.


        Video Conferencing

        Phone and Text


      • The effective executives I have seen differ...in fact in almost everything that distinguishes human beings...Be yourself.

        Peter F. Drucker

      • I'm a partner with Evolution, a coaching and consulting firm, for delivery of engagements. They’re vital to the work we’ll do together. By advising me and joining client engagements as needed, they allow my clients to tap into a world of hard-earned wisdom and professional know-how.


        My name is Peter Gandolfo. I have certifications from the world-renowned Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, California and ICF (PCC). Coaching combines my 24+ years of experience in marketing, management, and consulting with my love for helping others succeed. I'm passionate about creating a more diverse workforce by helping leaders develop their authentic leadership styles.


        In addition to individual coaching, I facilitate team workshops on building a coaching culture, leveraging strengths through change, unpacking for innovation and more.


        My life experience informs much of my coaching work. For instance, straight out of college, I enrolled in medical school. Three weeks in, I realized I'd spent so much time proving to myself that I could get into medical school, I’d never considered whether I wanted to be a physician! So I switched to a career in business, which is a much better fit for me. Since then, I've always taken time to find and follow my inner “true north” when making career and life decisions, a process that’s especially important now that I’m a husband and father. All these experiences guide me in my coaching work.

        Before dedicating my career to coaching, I was the senior director of client engagement for the Drucker Institute, a social enterprise grounded in the revolutionary management principles of Peter Drucker. Prior to joining Drucker, I spent nine years in brand management and international marketing at Mattel, and before that I did product marketing for Ford Motor Company, advertising account management at Foote, Cone & Belding, and product management at Alltech, Inc.

      • Education & CERTificATIONS

        International Coach Federation


        Professional Certified Coach (PCC)



        Certified StandOut Strengths Coach

        Hogan Assessment


        Hogan Assessment Certification Program

        International Coach Federation


        Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

        Hudson Institute of Coaching



        UCLA Anderson


        MBA, Concentrations in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

        University of Notre Dame


        B.A. in Psychology and Pre-Professional Studies

      • Results




        "Working with Peter enabled me to do better (much better) during a personally and professional challenging time. Talking with him was as productive as it was reassuring in its human connection. Peter draws from a wide range of personal experiences and combines them with his coaching toolset - this resulted in every session creating positive, actionable outcomes that I was able to apply immediately."

        —Stephan H., CTO


        "Peter is a very empathic listener and excellent questioner. It was easy for me to develop a trust base and share certain details I would usually not share, which made the experience and eventual output so much more customized and valuable."

        —Raoul M., Venture Capitalist


        "Having Peter as a coach allowed me to express my frustrations about my business, and have them heard and supported in a way that felt authentic and empowering. I found myself able to ask better questions and gained new perspectives on my own strengths and resources. Peter was grounded in the reality of business and his advice was practical and his support far reaching."
        —Sourabh J., Startup Founder


        "I first reached out to Peter as a relatively fresh MBA graduate, hoping to gain insights from an experienced corporate executive. Peter was very generous with his time and provided solid guidance. Fast forward a few years later, during a particularly turbulent time of my professional life, I reached out to Peter again for coaching. Peter is an empathetic listener who asks very insightful and challenging questions. He guided me through a difficult decision process, and as a result, I was able to continue reaching for higher career platforms while maintaining a healthy work-life balance."

        —JT X., Marketing Executive



        "Peter was a secret weapon in my job search. I started on my own, but was not getting traction. When I started working with Peter, I started to see results. He provided me with a safe space to address areas I needed to work on, but that I had avoided to that point. He was always encouraging, diplomatic and professional. After working with Peter, I secured multiple job offers."

        —Carrie F., Director of Content Development


        "My time with Peter was instrumental in me moving to the next stage in my professional career. He has a way of articulating all the best aspects of your abilities while letting you realize it on your own. This process gave me a confidence in my own experience, allowing me to apply and acquire the job I had been truly searching for."

        —Quinn S., Medical Device Sales Manager


        "I worked with Peter during a particularly intense transitional time in my professional and personal life. He asked the right questions to help me reflect on my goals. His calm, non-judgmental approach was integral to my success in re-entering the workplace and finding balance at home."
        —John B., Program Director

      • Success Stories

        CEO, Start-Up

        The client wanted to understand what was holding her back from committing the resources to scale her company. Early work focused on adjusting her reactions when her expectations weren’t met so that she could have effective crucial conversations with team members. She built awareness that saying yes to everything prevented her from doing her best work or focusing on her top personal priorities, especially important family events. Aligning her behaviors with her priorities and values pushed her to find ways of being available for business needs, but on terms that allowed her to be fully present.

        Operations Manager, Health System

        The client wanted to engage her team and set boundaries at work. Coaching helped her tailor her involvement in projects to the team member's needs. To address an underperforming and overwhelmed direct report, we worked on leading direct but supportive conversations to get to the root of the issue, which improved the relationship and performance. The client’s desire to set an example for her team unlocked motivation to maintain a healthy work-life balance through a reorganization. When torn between honoring a social commitment and exercising to keep her stress in check, she realized that she’d want her friends to take care of themselves, and she could extend the same support to herself.

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